Springtime is here and to see the new plants sprouting in my yard is such a wonderful sight. Technology was not far behind either, and Google welcomed Spring on their home page with a colorful doodle of a hedgehog that had flowers. In a world where the human eye spends so

much of “screen time”, I’m glad that we still have pointers to encourage us to sync up with Mother Nature. To see the ground go green in the real world simply feels great, especially after the record snowfall this year. The cold, dark and long winter had a purpose as well – it installed in me in a sense of urgency to make a difference.

I value my time and cherish the moments that matter the most even greater than ever before. Despite all the trials and tribulations in life, deep down I do sense that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that is what Spring signifies to me. There is no other better time to experience change than Springtime. After all, Spring is all about revival and reawakening. To celebrate the season of change, my yard has a place set aside for different Daisies, which happens to be one the flowers for the month. My little way to thank Mother Nature for all her kindness, guidance and support.