August is a special month – it is the celebration of “Friendship”, as we celebrate “Friendship Day” on the first Sunday of August. Friends – the ones that count and stand the test of time, always go beyond what can be defined as merely a bond between two people. Trying to set a boundary for it may not be a great idea as it will be like trying to pack air around me in a bottle. The way I like to cherish my most treasured friendship is by saying it with flowers. It  feels nice  to say “I care, yes I do” when i say it with flowers . Talking of flowers, Gladiolus and Poppy are the birth flowers of the month.If you have noticed, Gladiolus leaves are shaped like a sword & its name is derived from the Latin word gladius, which translates to “sword”. Gladiolus flowers stand for several meanings, what I like the most are “strength” and “Integrity”. The foundation of my belief system is driven by “Integrity” and I draw strength from the natural world to live up to the standards that I have set from myself. I hope that every turn in life will be a moment where I can only raise the bar for myself .

When it comes to raising the bar, there is probably no other arena that I can think of which is better than the Olympics. This time the Olympic games are being held sans spectators and still the competition is as intense as it always has been. What makes this sporting event a stand out is the long history of participants living by and honoring the spirit of the Olympics, which I believe is so essential for us humans to living harmoniously. The other flower is for the month is “Poppy”, which is symbolic of remembrance, A lot of what I’m today is because of my upbringing and for that I owe a lot to my parents especially my Dad. There is not a day in my life when I dont think of  him and i feel it will continue to be this way as long as I’m around and yes i had a dog called poppy when i was in college who my siblings and i totally adored and Poppy loved us back unconditionally although in her own style :):)  The world has seen a lot of pain in the recent times and I honestly hope & pray that the days ahead are brighter and better for all living beings.