Birch and maple was closed for 2 weeks , while some of us traveled, I stayed back and cleaned our studio, stocked up on containers ,did some classes with my teachers in Japan,ate out almost everyday and I bought loads of comfortable everyday clothes and shoes .What I noticed was that many of the boutique stores had flower arrangements , some were carefully designed , some bought from the local grocery store and some were just a bunch of Lilies  in a vase .Each arrangement looked lovely as long as the flowers were fresh .Flower food is a must for bouquets, floralife  flower food is very good and we use it to give our flowers a long life in vase .The transition from summer to Fall is an interesting time , sun’s rays are no longer scorching and there is chill in the morning air . Sunflowers are gradually on their way out but paired with fall flowers like chrysanthemum, they look gorgeous and fit right in . Take a glass bowl , put some pebbles in it , soak some floral foam , cut a small piece and put it in the bowl , hide the foam with pebbles . Insert some mums , some yellow and orange sunflowers , add a few Johnson grass ( can be found very easily growing on empty patches of land ) , add some red hypericum berries … you have created a beautiful fall arrangement .