After a crazy busy Mother’s Day, we are getting back to our normal selves .The weekend of June 8th was hectic with deliveries going out to the woodlands, vintage park , uptown , midtown , bridgeland and Jersey village .However ,It was interesting to see how most   people ordered roses with Lillies for their moms and I totally get  that because  roses signify love and courage in this context and Lilies are a symbol of purity and motherhood. There were others who wanted seasonal flowers , bright and beautiful arrangements  full of color and positivity. Although roses and Lilies are timeless but can be very expensive during this time whereas seasonal flowers suit every pocket and they last longer if the selection is right.

Talking of “expensive”, I honestly at times wonder what is going wrong with the world. Everything has become expensive, and for several people even the basic necessities are slowly becoming or are getting out of reach. This appears to me an insult to injury, for world that is just coming out of over 2 plus years of living in a pandemic. I find it hard to believe that every time I go to the gas station the prices of gas has changed and it just continues to go up. To sum up, inflation in the United States of America is at a 40 year high. This means that interest rates are going to go up and it is going to become a lot more expensive to service is all the mortgage loans and debt that people have incurred. However, the flowers I work with always inspire me to look at the brighter side of life. All that I wish for, is that everyone is able to lead a life which keeps them happy,  contented and healthy.

As a designer  I enjoy creating arrangements for every occasion and for every budget and we give free delivery to the following zip codes in spite of soaring gas prices . 77024,77040,77041,77056,77064,77065,77069, 77070, 77079,77080,77095,77377, 77380, 77381,77429,77433 

I pray that the war in Ukraine ends soon and people go back to building back their lives , grow food and grow beautiful flowers