When we think of july ,we think of the 4th , the parades , the concerts , the fireworks , a day off  and some quality time  with our families .This year this day was marred by a very unpleasant incident which saddened us deeply but what is important is that people all over the country did come out and celebrate their independence and their love for this amazing country .In Houston the heat was unbearable that day , although we were closed yet we made a few  special request deliveries in the woodlands area and in cypress Texas . As I was driving around I saw our beautiful flag adorning the front yard of most homes and it was just beautiful , what I also saw was that many plants in the area were dry , burnt out and barely hanging in there . It is important to regularly water the plants in summers and provide them with a bit of shade if possible to save them from drying out .There are a few native plants for Houston like Black eyed Susan , lantana , Autumn Sage ,chaste tree (vitex)  , aspidistra etc  which do not require much care and do pretty well in this heat .We often use aspidistra in our basket arrangements because it is available year round and  is very hardy , it can last  a month or more in a vase. Pair up a few aspidistra leaves with bright carnations in a vase , fill the vase with some cold water and sit back ….. change the water once a week and you can enjoy this  arrangement for more than a month .It is a budget friendly arrangement , suitable for all occasions.