December is a great time to unwind and look back at the year gone by. A time to take our feet off the gas pedal¬† and see if we are travelling in the right direction and if need be recalibrate the pace for the days ahead. It is not possible that we can be right at all time nor does life allow us to set the pace of life as per our fancy. However, what we can do is always savour the moment. Live in the present, not ponder over what went by or what will be ahead. What we see as an “missed opportunity” today, for what ever may be the reason did not appear so when it came by. Do we gain anything significantly by detailing out why we missed the opportunity, i wonder

My views are divided.. Are we not spending precious time and energy, in uncovering what passed by. Life is like a river that flows and only in one direction and that is forward … We are here to live life. It is easier said than done, but learning to adapt certainly helps. There are so many factors that decide outcomes and everyone has their own fair share of good and bad results. For me results are like sign posts to guide me and not to deter but keep going . Every moment in life is designed for a purpose, with an objective to make us better. We may not have it going “our way” at the moment, but the fact that we aspire to is what matters the most. It is no surprise that Narcissus (Paperwhite) and Holly are the birth flowers for the month of December. The Paperwhite is all about hope, faith and good wishes, while Holly stands for happiness at home.¬† I sincerely hope, pray and wish that the last month of the year paves way for a better tomorrow for all of us .