Halloween, Thanksgiving and now Christmas, the holiday season is finally here . Gas prices look better and it is time for shopping.Time for buying Christmas presents for family , friends , coworkers and people who make a difference in our everyday lives.What excites me as the owner of a flower store is that people send flowers to each other a lot especially during the holidays , when I asked my friend about it , she explained that flowers have sweetness without giving us diabetes, flowers  are natural , they are kind , they have colors and are mostly safe for everyone . You can never get bored with fresh flowers . Although their beauty is timed yet flowers showcase their beauty with all their might . Whether they are added to a bouquet or they bloom in open spaces in our neighborhood or in people’s yard – they bloom even when no one is looking , when it’s time they just bloom and share their beauty with the world. Isn’t that just amazing !!
Bring home some beautiful poinsettia this holiday season to dress up your home ,Be sure to burn the ends incase you want to cut some stems and make a table arrangement, the white milky discharge can get messy and can surely ruin your dress. These days poinsettias are found in different colors and textures.I saw some real good ones in Home Depot and in Houston garden center on FM 1960. I am sure Cornelius Nursery must be carrying some stunning varieties this season . Bring a few pine cones , grab some juniper or some pine branches from your yard and you are ready to create a seasonal arrangement using you own imagination and style .Happy Holidays everyone !!