I thought 2020 was my “make or break year”. While I did everything I could do to remain sane, every day was long and challenging. The world around me showed me who really is in charge. While nothing really went my way, I was happy to be alive. I’m a forward looking person and the positive side of me was looking for a better and brighter 2021. Well well well, i wonder if i was  too optimistic that I was done with the roller coaster ride. Science led the way, the vaccine was the ray of hope. I believed the world was all set to find a new start. However, the challenges life throws do not really come with a warning sign ,2021 saw the worst of the virus impacting life. So much changed so quickly, a good portion of it has simply been too hard to comprehend. At the end of it all it surely feels cold. Not just the weather but deep inside.. what do I stand for? What is the purpose of all that is going around? Will this be the end? Has our lives changed completely for the distant future?  Or do we stand another chance to mend our ways and see better days ahead. I do believe that we value our lives more than ever before and same goes with resources and relationships we have built over time.  Two years on, we still have not been able win over the odds of successfully containing the pandemic, but what looks certain is humans are adapting and finding creative ways to be able to survive and thrive and that so I wish everyone a bright, prosperous and healthy 2022.