We are in July, which marks the start of the second half of the year. I thought that the year 2020 will be the year to remember for all reasons known & unknown.  However, the first half of 2021 has been nothing short of action. The world seems to be in crawling itself to a “new normal” – some regions have managed to or are getting ready to get back to how life was before the pandemic though it appears that the rest of the world still has a long road to traverse before life gets back to being all normal. Hence, I believe that it will take a while for humans to say “Hello World, Goodbye Covid”.

In July, the first Sunday – July 4th – marks our  Independence Day , an important day for the world’s most powerful democracy and a testimony to the world what “Freedom” translates to. The need of the hour is “freedom” from hate, jealousy, inequality, crime & all the ills that plague human society. What matters is the “freedom” to have a  mind where everyone has a chance to live the life they want  and with a sense of dignity.  It is important because it is the first step to create a world where “Egalitarianism” is norm and not a privilege. Coincidentally one of the flowers of this month is Larkspur, which stands for positivity and dignity.

The world also celebrates “International Plastic Bag Free Day” on the 3rd of July . We humans are the most advanced form of life on planet Earth but it certainly does not give us the right to ruin it.  If we continue to use plastics the way we are currently doing, it is estimated that by 2050, the oceans of the world (by weight) will carry more plastic than fish. That is sad to say the least and I just hope I don’t get to see it for real. The way we humans as species are currently consuming the resources of this planet it surely displays a total lack of understanding of the basic fact that we need to co-exist in harmony with other species and not deplete the resources if we want to be able to live on this planet. We cannot harm this  planet and live in bliss. Talking of bliss, the other birth flower for the month of July is the “water lily” which symbolizes “Purity”. Personally, whenever I look at the lily I have fond memories of my childhood & I sense divine energy flowing in me, filling me up with positivity and a sense of gratitude.