4.5 billion years… yes that is right, that is how old our planet earth is. The environment we live in has evolved over time, by human measure it is a very long time. We do not live in isolation and our fore fathers have always made us understand and realize the importance of living in harmony with the environment. I believe that every form of live has the same right to live on planet earth just as much as we humans wish and long for. Our own existence will be at stake if we destroy the delicate balance that is much needed to sustain life. To highlight and create awareness with regards to safeguarding our environment, the “World Environment Day” is celebrated every year on 5 June. This year’s theme for the World Environment Day is #GenerationRestoration. The idea is simple – stop further damage and act in an environment friendly manner.

In June we also have Father’s Day. I cherish my Dad, for who he was and all that I am today. There is not a day in my life when I do not recall him and thank him. The person that I am and the value system that is ingrained in me is largely thanks to the life he led and the path he showed me and my siblings. No easy task, but he did with a smile and made us realize the importance of being “human”. Nature surrounds us with beauty and to showcase this, the birth flowers of the month are Rose and Honeysuckle. These flowers are always fragrant, they symbolize affection, gratitude and the purest most unbreakable bond in life – which we call “love”.