February has been a tough month. The snow storm that hit large parts of the Unites States, which caused one of the largest blackouts in modern U.S. history, impacted me as well. I was left with no power and water and my pets were wondering what on earth was going on. My heart goes out to all those who were in distress because of the storm and had to fend for themselves in the bitter cold.  As I sat in the dark, seeing the snowfall blanket my yard, my mind highlighted to me the fragility of the world we humans live in and how we at times take it for granted that Mother Nature is dancing to our tunes. 

My area of work connects me with the nature in more than ways than what I can really think of.I truly believe that flowers do improve well-being, promotes inner peace and over a longer term brings about a greater sense of satisfaction towards life. Flowers bring us closer to nature and help us appreciate the bountiful resources that planet earth has to offer.

I’m really looking forward to March, which the first month of spring to create flower arrangements with several varieties of flowers including the flower of the month – Daffodils.