Ma, Mai, Mama, Mutter, Mäe, Ahm -They all mean “mom” in various languages and perhaps is among the most widely uttered word in this world. To me it is more than just a word. It symbolizes the special bond between a Mother and her child. Mother across all species on planet Earth fosters and nurtures life. While very often we get to hear “In a male dominated world”, “Alpha Male” etc, the role of a Mother is irreplaceable. She is trusted by god to bring souls to life. She nurtures, understands, cares and stands by her child 24/7. How amazing is that ! To celebrate our MOMS, we have Mother’s Day in may.
Mother to me represents strength, patience & courage. My mom is my eternal pillar I lean on over & over again. She is someone who has been by me unconditionally at all times and i feel truly blessed to have such a kind and wonderful mom. While on the subject, i cannot forget to thank Mother Nature who i truly believe is the ultimate Mother, as she bears us all. Every form of life is her child. In sync with this, we have the “Lily of the valley” flower as the Birth Flower for the month of May. This flower represents “Hope” and “Motherhood.