The world continues to be in pain. The pain never went away. However, it has again been brought to the forefront. Like it or not, all global issues persist. Be it war, climate change, poverty or incurable diseases. Several of the pain points are man made. Can we blame this generation or the past for all the suffering? Did our troubles not start the day we decided to go against Mother Earth? Is it not us humans, who happen to be the most evolved form of life on earth, doing the most brazen acts of self destruction by destroying the very environment we live in? Forget harmony, can we stop the plundering for a day or even a minute? Throughout the history of mankind we have blood on our hands. While we have hardly fixed any of our past mistakes, we continue to seek “new” and “improved” ways to continue threading on the wrong path. Our energies are not focused to create a world of coexistence, but driven by the urge to hoard all that is available and seek more. If at all there is one thing that I can say about myself, it is that I’m “hopelessly optimistic”. Every day when I get up and see the sun shining bright, I feel that a little change for good is happening in some part of the world. That the wave of change is round the corner waiting for us to lap it up. We need to nurture good thoughts to be able to create warmth and wellness. If there is one person who can weave that in us, it is the “Mother”. She bears pain to give life. Mother is the bedrock for all forms of life. I would say all caregivers are “mothers”. In May, we have Mother’s day. I think it is a great way to express our gratitude. Flowers are the mothers of the plant world and while it sounds cliché to say “what better way to say it than with flowers”. I truly believe that even a single flower offered will bring a smile and brighten up the day of all those bring us to life.