What a year 2021 has been so far. To me it looked like the year 2020 plus one. Everything just played out to the max.Be it a virus still finding its way to across regions or supply chain disruptions across industries. On the positive side several regions across the world have found their way back to normalcy or shall we say a “new normal”. Why do I say “new normal” is probably because I see things going back to old ways but I do not feel the same way as I used

to. This may be as simple as how it feels to go to a nearby grocery store or my picking up my favorite flowers from the wholesalers. At the back of my mind I realize how vulnerable and uncertain the world is and the systems we have adopted are surely not bulletproof but what I do understand is the spirit of humanity will figure a “way out” 

During these difficult times we saw a wider difference between the haves and the have-nots.Life is not a breeze, it never was, and probably will never be. What I surely do hope for is that every form of life has a fair  chance to make it! In line with this, in November we celebrate “Thanksgiving”. A celebration of the bountiful harvest that Mother Nature provides us  with , time to be grateful for the blessing we have in our lives that makes us happy and keeps us going, Speaking of happiness, the birth flower for November is Chrysanthemums, which were initially

cultivated in Far East Asia. This flower is about honesty, celebration of happiness and friendship