As 2021 wind downs and autumn sets in, I sense the cooler air hit me. What can I really say about this year. If I thought 2020 was the peak, this year topped the peak.With covid vaccinations occupying the center stage to civilians going into space there has been action all year round although I really did not have a chance to step out of Houston . Wow! Never did I ever think the world will change the way it has. From the pandemic continuing to make headlines, to the weather gods going overboard, our fragile existence on planet earth has been clearly brought to the forefront. There is disruption across everything and no one is spared. Everyone by now knows that there is a shortage of chips and all smart or connected device manufacturers are facing a lot of issues.

My world of flowers is facing something similar. A sudden spike in demand, coupled with bad weather & ownership changes in the traditional farms supplying flowers to flower markets as well as logistics issues have all resulted in a spike of flower prices. Be it button roses or the exotic imports, prices of all flowers used by florists have hit the roof and this might be the case for a while. I have taken up the current situation like a “Survivor” challenge and I surely have found creative ways to keep using flowers in the best possible way to create top designs for my clients. In sync with current times, the birth flowers for October are Marigold and Cosmos. Both of them are my top favorites and there are several reasons why they are. Marigolds are brilliant and colorful. They represent passion along with creativity. Since ancient times, Marigolds have been used for religious purposes and also have medicinal properties. Cosmos on the other hand is all about peace & calm. To me Marigold and Cosmos are the yin-yang of the flower world. Only if we are healthy, we put in the effort, be creative and make the best of what life throws at us, can we have peace and be calm. As always, like the wonderful flowers I work with, I hope the world will be a great place to be in and experience the wonders that it has to offer.