We don’t live in ordinary times. The last time the world was hit by a pandemic like the one we are currently living through happened over 100 years back. Hence we really don’t have our seniors to hand hold us through this crisis. Sadly, most of us won’t be around to share insights of the current pandemic to the next generation if and when it does occur. The virus in many ways has exposed the fragility of the systems and the structures we currently have in place. Be it our desire to be mobile or to socialize, across most regions we are living our lives in a certain manner which appears to be somewhat out of place to handle a pandemic of this magnitude although i totally understand the pain of sitting tight for this long and with no end in sight.
Looking at the spate of deaths and widespread disruption this virus has caused, it is not the time to let our guard down andi it is a must to continue to follow the safety protocols till we break the chain and prevent the transmission of this deadly virus. I feel concerned when i see maskless people in the grocery store because the virus is out there to pounce on the most vulnerable and in the process leave a deep scar on the lives of many for a long time to come. However, I’m an optimist and like the Aster flower which is the birth flower for the month of September symbolizing “Faith” and “Wisdom”, I have faith that good wisdom shall prevail and the human spirit of ingenuity will enable us to sail us through troubled waters and come out stronger.